He had a look of disgust in his eyes and he wasn't talking to me, then minutes later he left by Thandeka

I had an abortion a few hours ago... I have a 1 year old baby already and I didnt want another one. I got the pills and did it at home. I was 16 weeks 3 days.

It was very painful, I had cramps the whole day and couldn't eat. I was growling in bad and I told my little sister and son to go to friend's house. I was crying histerically.

Later I told my babies father (the 2nd baby) and he came after work. He found me in bed and I kept rushing back and forth to the toilet. First my water broke then about 15 minutes later I felt a gush of clots then ran to the toilet again.

The first clots came out then I felt huge clots... then water then I felt a sense of relief. To my surprise it didn't hurt. I smiled for a while then broke down in tears.

I went back to the bedroom and he seemed confused. He had a look of disgust in his eyes and he wasn't talking to me, then minutes later he left.

I was sad and confused because we both made this decision but now he is blaming me and he hates me. As hard as it is on me, I won't beat myself for it, I made the right choice and I know God has already forgiven me.

Thandeka sent this story in on 03/07/2015

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