Abortion is itself a trauma.

By anonymous on 20/07/2015

Hi all, of course abortion is itself a trauma. I'm a married women very much wanted this child to live and to hold the little baby in my arms. Mine was a very much planned pregnancy. I took appropriate steps to have a safe pregnancy, went to a preconception counselling took folic acid,one day I just found out that my period went missing and on checking I got the desired results "I was very much pregnant ". The very next day I went for the confirmation of the same and the doctor asked me to avoid certain things like papaya, caffine and pineapple I always took the advices of the doctor very carefully everything was going on wonderfully well and smooth until I had my level 1 ultrasound and found my baby was having multiple abnormalities..... This was the least expected thing.. And as per the gynec I need to terminate this child otherwise this would lead to a miserable life for my baby and could be fatal to the baby.

Today I had my abortion done. As a women let me tell you it feels horrible, my husband is not with me he is in the merchant navy but of course I have my family and his family to support me. I lost my child.. I don't understand why god did this to me. A mother inside me will never forget god for this. No matter in future how many children I have but the memories of my baby will remain intact in my heart. With this letter I'm offering goodbye to my unborn angel, may the soul of the little one rest in peace sorry baby mamma did not wanted you to have a miserable life, you're still my baby and the most precious part of my body I love you.

Editor's Comment

It is a very painful decision to have an abortion for foetal abnormality, and I am sure you will need time to grieve such a sad loss. You will always remember this little one but I hope that in time the pain of your loss will grow less. 

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