I saw everything clearly... my boyfriend quitting school, all of my dreams and aspirations gone

I was 17 years old and my period was one week late. That week, was the hardest I've ever had.

Every time I went to the bathroom I was disappointed to see my clean white underwear. No stains. No blood. No period.

I researched on Google, I tried to figure out the problem, every time I thought of the possibility of being pregnant I imagined what my life would be like.

It seemed impossible but I still cried. Having a baby, what would that be like? I wasn't ready to find out.

The waiting time was over so there was definitely something wrong with my body, I had morning sickness, everything made me feel dizzy, every inch of my body knew, but I refused to believe.

My boyfriend bought me a pregnancy test, it was a pink and purple package. I took it at night, it was a Monday, we were at school. The result: Positive. My vision suddenly started spinning, I got out of the bathroom stole, looked at myself in the mirror and saw something in my eyes, fear. I was so f*****g scared.

I gave my boyfriend a phone call and he followed me to the soccer field. We cried.

I saw everything clearly... My boyfriend, kicked out of his house, working all day and quitting school. I saw myself, 17 years old, I didn't have my life ahead anymore, all of my dreams and aspirations were gone. I pictured that little baby who wasn't going to get the best and probably it wasn't even going to get much.

I needed a second chance. I had an abortion.

I assume full responsibility of my acts and I comprehend the magnitude of my decision. I do not regret it. If you are thinking about having an abortion please educate yourself before you choose. You must always choose life, it is just that sometimes you have to choose/save yourself.

This story was sent in on 27/09/2015

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