Last year in May I had an abortion

By Mosa on 07/10/2015

Last year in May I had an abortion.

It was twins I regret doing it everyday I miss my babies

I did not tell their father about them but he found out at church through the prophet and when he ask me I couldn't deny it.

I just cried but he then became cold towards me and I don't blame him we've been broke up for a year now and I really miss him so bad things have become worse for me.

I have a depression.

Abortion does not kill only the unborn baby it kills the mom inside.

The emotional pain does not go away when ever I see a baby I imagine my twins. 

Editor's comment

That is a very sad story and this experience has clearly had an enormous impact on you. It is often hard to imagine how you will be affected by an abortion experience, and that is why I feel it is important to have pre-abortion counselling so that you can be sure of your feelings. I would encourage you to look for some post-abortion counselling and support so that you can process some of these painful emotions.

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