I read some scary stories before my medical termination and wanted to reassure other women

By anonymous on 09/10/2015
medical abortion

I just wanted to share with you a positive termination story and to put anyone who is considering to end their pregnancy at ease about the process.

I went to Beth's clinic in bargoed for my initial appointment.

I had to have a swab test, speak to a counsellor about my decision, then have a scan to determine how many weeks pregnant I was (this is a belly scan not an internal scan).

I then was seen by a nurse who prescribed me the first stage of the process, an oral tablet to stop the pregnancy.

The whole experience was stress free, the staff were amazing and I did not feel like I was being judged at all.

The only down side was that the waiting room was very small and obviously everyone there were there for the same reason, So at times it could get intense.

But overall a good experience.

The next day at 9am I went to RGH Cornell centre to have the second stage of the treatment.

Once again the staff were amazing and I was prescribed 4 tablets to self administer, these had to be inserted into my cervix.

The nurse also prescribed painkillers, antibiotics and anti sickness tablets.

I arrived home approx 1 hour later, and half hour of being home the bleeding began.

I took painkillers on top of the strong ibuprofen that I took at the hospital and the pain eased slightly. It is painful and a strange feeling when everything is passing, however the next day (today) the pain has subsided and the bleeding almost stopped.

I read some scary stories before having the procedure and just wanted to reassure women in the same position, that it isn't nice but it is bearable. For me having a termination was the best choice and the experience was ok.

Editor's comment

Thank you very much for sharing your experience of medical termination. It's very useful to be able to show a range of different abortion experiences on the website.

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