At 5 weeks it was found the baby had no heartbeat and I had a rare molar pregnancy by Louise

Myself and my boyfriend were so shocked to find out I was pregnant as I've had a lot of issues with endometriosis and currently have quite a large ovarian cyst which I am having surgery to remove in the next few weeks.

I went for a scan to date my pregnancy, I was 5 weeks and 3 days, and the baby had no heartbeat. It turned out that I had a rare molar pregnancy, the fetus was so genetically deformed that it had stopped growing even before that first scan.

My termination was arranged for a few days later. I found the initial appointment fine, I had no side effects of the medication. My sickness levels after my first scan had skyrocketed (which is apparently a common side effect of a molar pregnancy) and I became so ill the night before my second appointment.

Having gone into the hospital early to get an anti-sickness jab, I managed to get myself sorted and administer the pills myself. Initially, I found the cramps fine, just like a normal period.

Within a couple of hours, my pain had got so bad that I asked for extra painkillers and a heat-pad and rolled about in my bed for a good half hour before the pain subsided slightly and I managed to doze off.

Once my body had expelled the pregnancy, which I found to be only about 3-4 sizeable clots, the pain really subsided and I managed to eat and read etc.

I know everyone's experiences are different but I do suffer from painful periods on occasions, plus the fact that mine was a molar pregnancy. I couldn't make out any parts of what my body expelled thankfully, so had no idea when I had even passed the fetus itself.

Louise sent this story in on 11/10/2015

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