My medical abortion was at 6 weeks pregnant, I travelled to England from Northern Ireland

By Eileen on 05/01/2019
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My medical abortion was at 6 weeks pregnant, I travelled to England from Northern Ireland. I was lucky and caught the pregnancy early at 2-3 weeks, it took nearly 3 weeks for them to arrange my flights, hotel and appointment in England. I was very grateful to the NHS as they provided the flights, taxi there and back and a hotel room all paid for.

I went into the appointment and waited for about an hour. I was surprised at how many people were there for an abortion, and most of them were getting the surgical abortion, there were nearly no seats left in the centre.

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The procedure didn’t take long, they did all the necessary tests and checked how far along I was pregnant, and they asked if it was twins if I would want to know. The nurses were very sweet and nice, they were not judgmental at all.

They checked my bloods and since I have negative blood I had to get an injection which was painless.

Then the nurse sent my tests to doctors to give the ok on a prescription for the abortion pill, she gave me a 45 min break while we waited so I went to get coffee, my hotel was right beside the abortion centre so I was able to wait in there.

When I came back I took the pill that ends the pregnancy hormone and also I went to the bathroom to insert the 4 tablets vaginally. It was all a very easy process.

Then I was told what painkillers to take and precautions to beware of and I went back to the hotel room.

The pain didn’t start till about 2 hours in so I didn’t take any medication until I felt pain. As soon as the pain hit though, it didn’t stop and only got worse.

Maybe it was because I took the pain medicine after I felt pain and it took longer to set in, but I’m not going to lie, the pain was excruciating. It was hard to breathe or move because everything hurt. It was like a heavy period x100 with the cramps never stopping so there was no relief. It was hours and I was nearly throwing up with the pain and shaking.

Couldnt eat anything or move I just had to lye there and suffer and wait through the hours until I could take more pain medication. I think I actually took more too soon at one point because after that I eventually got some relief and slept for like half an hour, but it didn’t last long.

The blood started like 3 hours in, and it wasn’t as heavy as I expected. Just was like a regular heavy period to me, there was small blood clots but nothing major, I never saw anything.

Eventually, there were breaks in between the pain, but it did take hours.

In the end, all I can say is it was definitely worth it and I am 100% happy with my decision and definitely do not regret it. But what I can say is that it has put me off having a baby for a long time, I will have to be prepared... because that pain was only 6 weeks, imagine 9 months as well as pushing a baby out...  can’t even imagine how that would feel.

Anyway, sorry if I scared you, but it was worth it in the end. I would do it again if I had too, only be more prepared for the pain next time.

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