I regret my abortion - can anyone else relate to what I'm feeling?

By anonymous on 07/02/2019
medical abortion

I had an abortion just over 4 months ago. Finding out I was pregnant was one of the scariest moments I had ever had.

I knew my partner didn’t want to have a child yet and made it clear that an abortion would be the best decision for us. I was somewhat shocked as discussions in the past between us, had always been if it happened it happened.

I made the appointment the next day, for a few weeks time. I felt so different after my positive test, already feeling some pregnancy symptoms.

When the day of the abortion came, I went in alone and began the non-surgical procedure. My partner waited for me outside. After things began to start "working" I realised what I had actually done.

I cry almost every night since it happened and regret the decision I made. I feel as though this was something I did for my partner and not actually myself? Was this even my decision from the start?

We don’t talk about it ever, and I feel as though even the subject of children is taboo. Watching babies on tv even makes me upset. Can anyone else relate to what I am feeling?

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