I had a medical abortion a couple of weeks ago - having read a couple of 'horror stories’ on this site about the procedure I wanted to give my version of events.

By anonymous on 07/07/2008
I had a medical abortion a couple of weeks ago - having read a couple of 'horror stories’ on this site about the procedure I wanted to give my version of events. I went to the clinic and had a scan which showed I was 6.5 weeks pregnant. I was then given the first pill (mifegyne) and went home. Some women start bleeding and have cramps after the first pill but I had no reaction to it. The next day I went back and took the second pill (Misoprostol) and headed home in a taxi.

Twenty minutes after taking the pill I started to feel some mild cramping which got stronger over the next hour or so. The bleeding started about 1 1/2 hrs after I took the pill and by this time the cramps were very strong - I was also vomiting and the pain was starting to become unbearable. Then I passed the pregnancy tissue (I knew what it was as it was white in colour with bumps all over - but it was in no way recognisable as a foetus). As soon as this happened the pain started to subside and the bleeding became lighter. Over the course of the next few hours I stayed in bed with a hot water bottle against my abdomen and this helped a lot - I was still passing large clots but felt that the worst was over.

The staff at the clinic had told me the process could be very painful and so I was mentally prepared for this - in the end it was not as bad as I had expected and the most painful cramping lasted no longer than an hour. I chose this method as there is less risk of infection (from what I have read) than with surgical abortion and also no risk of damage to the uterus from surgical instruments. I also preferred the privacy it offered me and although it was painful I'm glad I chose to do it this way.

Now a few weeks on I feel relieved that the process is over and although at first I felt very emotional I'm now sure it was the right thing for me to do.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story with us… It will help some women considering medical abortion to see that experiences vary.

Perhaps your main purpose was to tell others about your physical experience, but you say little about your emotional experience of it, other than in your last sentence. Relief is a common emotion after abortion, because it solves the circumstantial problems immediately. However, some of us are adept at tucking back our emotions and going with our logic, being very goal-orientated or purpose-driven in life. If you ever experience any emotions surfacing and begin to feel that you cannot tuck them back or cope with them in a healthy way, then please get in touch for some support.

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