All through my life I have always said I disagree with abortion...

I split up with my first boyfriend - my first love - after I found out he had cheated on me, then a month later I found out I was pregnant. All through my life I have always said I disagree with abortion. The thought of killing something goes through me, but until you are put in the position, I don't think it is right to judge. So basically after 2 months of changing my mind on what to do, I told my mum and we went to the clinic on Saturday 18th February. I nearly walked out of the clinic as I changed my mind, but the thought of being associated with my ex for the rest of my life killed me. So I went through with it, I killed my baby. When I woke up I felt suprisingly ok, but then I got worse. I felt a numbness inside of me and I felt guilty if I touched my stomach. I became suddenly aware of pregnancies and babies, and it got worse. Now 7 months down the line I cry everyday over it. I drink sometimes to make the pain go away. In a week I'm starting my first counselling session - i just regret not thinking it through properly. Just think. That's all the advice I can give xxxxxxx. Editor's note: Many women experience negative responses to an abortion when they have been in two minds about it before. You have been very courageous in going for counselling - it is good to seek help now when you have so much of your life ahead of you. Thanks for sharing your story.

This story was sent in on 24/09/2006

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