Hi all, basically I had a medical abortion a month and a half ago. I was 6 weeks gone.

Hi all, basically I had a medical abortion a month and a half ago. I was 6 weeks gone. Everything went fine while I was in hospital or so I thought. I’ve only just stopped bleeding and now I’m getting excessive amounts of bloody discharge and am now severely anaemic and on iron tablets. I’m getting a lot of pain. My doctor is now sending me for tests to see if it is an infection and if not then I need a scan. I was just wondering if any one else had this problem and what I should be expecting if it’s not an infection. I am really worried. Thanks. Any comments would be appreciated. Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…you are obviously concerned about your physical health and it’s good that you have been to your doctor and had tests. Infection can be a problem after abortion, but more usually a surgical abortion which involves invasive techniques. You can ring NHS Direct for further medical information on what the problem may be. Tests and a scan should be sufficient to show what treatment is needed. Let us know how you get on.

This story was sent in on 06/11/2008

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