After two successful pregnancies and two miscarriages, I found myself to be pregnant again;

By anonymous on 23/12/2008
After two successful pregnancies and two miscarriages, I found myself to be pregnant again. I decided to go ahead with an abortion for personal reasons. I opted for surgery. Initially, I went to see my doctor who referred me straightaway to my hospital. They arranged to see me two days later. Here, I was scanned to see how far I was (I was six weeks.) They offered me the tablet or I could come back in two weeks time for surgery, which I decided would be best.

I was booked in two weeks later at 8am, where I was shown to my own room. I was told I could change my mind at any time. They came for me at 11am to take me down; I woke up an hour later in my room, where they brought me some dinner and a cup of tea. I was not in any pain and was able to leave the hospital at 1.30. The bleeding lasted around two weeks but was very light and all I suffered was period-like pains. I was treated with a lot of respect at the hospital and for me this was the best way to go about the abortion but I’m sure people would prefer the tablet. I would just like to end this and say I do not condone abortions and never thought I would end up having one but it happens unfortunately, and time will heal the pain.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your experience with us…it sounds as if a surgical abortion suited you better. I’m glad that you felt respected at the hospital. It is noticeable from People’s Stories that medical terminations seem to affect women more immediately as they are more aware of what is going on. Although for you the experience was straightforward, the fact that you don’t condone abortion suggests that you might have crossed the line of one of your own values and be experiencing some negative emotion as a result. For some, this can be in the form of guilty feelings. If this troubles you at any time, do get in touch for some support.

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