I knew I was pregnant the instant I conceived - 25th April 2008.

By anonymous on 27/12/2008
I knew I was pregnant the instant I conceived - 25th April 2008. I did my first test 2 weeks later on the 8th may, but it was still to early to tell, so I carried on as normal, went on holiday with my partner and when I came back I did another test. It was positive. I was over the moon and so was my partner. I was 5 weeks and 4 days.

That Sunday afternoon I started to spot, so I called the doctors the next morning and got taken in for an emergancy scan. We were buzzing when they told us that I was still pregnant and then the nurse suddenly got up and left. Confused I started to worry...she came back with the doctor and informed me I had a large growth and would need to see another doctor. I waited for 4/5 hours and my partner never left me for one moment. We were taken to the side room and informed I would need to terminate my pregnancy, because if I carried on could damage myself and the baby I was carrying.

I was booked in for a medical termination in the 19th June. I was now 8 weeks pregnant. I went to the hospital two days before to get the tablets to stop the pregnancy, and went back and had the four tablets into the vagina and a few pain killers. For the first two hours nothing happened; my partner stayed with me and my mum arrived for support. Every time I went to the bathroom I had to call the nurse. I was told not to look but I couldn't not look at what I was losing. Each time the nurse removed my clots and came back with the news…nothing. Yet my heart broke a little more.

About 7pm that night the bleeding began to slow. I was examined by a doctor, given a dose of antibiotics and sent home. The bleeding never stopped and after a day I knew something was wrong. I was taken back to hospital and told there was still some "product" left, and was given more antibiotics and told I would pass the "product". Two weeks later I was still bleeding and had not passed anything. I was scanned and an emergency surgical termination called a D&C was arranged.

I arrived at hospital, and was taken down to surgery. When I came round I was informed that it went well and all "product" was removed but I was septic and would need more antibiotics. I regret having a termination more that anything, and thinking back I wish I took the risk, but looking at it and weighing up the options, I was doing what I thought was right for me and my partner. I can honestly say I will take the risk next time. I could never face going through that again. I turn 23 in a few days and my baby would have been due 27th Jan 2009. I am so glad I found this site, to know I am not alone in having a negative experience but also the chance to say how I feel.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story with us…it is very sad to be told that there is a problem and that a termination is necessary. It must have been quite a shock for you. I wonder how, having been through such a drawn out procedure, you are now feeling with regard to the loss of your very much wanted pregnancy. It is a very real loss, despite the use of the word “product” and it may help you to share some of your deeper feelings with someone who understands, either at your nearest centre, on the helpline or using Online Advisor. The procedure obviously has had its own effect, but it may help you to allow your heart feelings to surface with regard to the actual loss now. We’ll be thinking of you.

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