I would like to share my story. It had taken me three years to conceive our first baby...

I would like to share my story. It had taken me three years to conceive our first baby, a lot of tears and heartache every month. I later found out that I had PCOS which is why it took so long. I then fell pregnant quite quickly after that and gave birth to our second child, only a couple of months later found out that I was pregnant again. Three children under three years of age was not how we imagined our family to be. After a long discussion we decided we couldn't do it, telling myself that it was just a "seed" and not really thinking of it as a baby. We saw it as a problem that needed solving and a termination was the answer. Two years later, I knew I wasn't coping very well. Having to keep your feelings hidden away was eating me up. I searched for a counselling service and started to attend the one in my local town. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done. I can honestly say though it was so worth it. I attended for eighteen months and they gave me my life back. Without the counselling I don't know what sort of state my mental health would be in now. I can't praise the post abortion counselling enough, if you feel things are getting too much to cope with, please seek out your local centre. I promise you, you will not regret it. Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing your story…It’s so important for others to hear that there is hope after abortion and I commend your courage in seeking and going through The Journey post-abortion counselling. Yes, it’s painful, but it’s clear that you have benefited enormously and can face the future positively and with hope. Thank you.
This story was sent in on 26/01/2009

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I never thought I would read a story so similar. I was just about to start university when I found out I was pregnant.


Hi. I am 27 years old. I had an abortion two weeks ago.


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