He said an abortion would be best so I went and booked my appointment

By anonymous on 01/02/2009

I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day 2008 but didn't tell my boyfriend for a week as I knew he didn't want children.

He's 39 and I’m 24 with a 2½ yr old boy.

We’ve been seeing each other for ten months when I found out.

We had many lengthy talks about what to do and he said that an abortion would be best, so I went to the doctor’s and booked my appointment.

I went to the hospital for my first appointment and got a date for the following Friday.

My boyfriend said he would be there for me afterwards and gave his number to the nurse for him to collect me, but he never answered his phone.

That was yesterday afternoon and he still hasn't answered me.

I just had a text saying he wasn't coming home till Wednesday which was in five days time. No explanation as to why and where he was going. He won't even answer his phone to me. I’ve not met his family so I can't speak to them about where he is.

I've got no one to talk to as it was only us who knew I was pregnant.

I feel so helpless and lost. I'm crying all the time and feel like I've made the biggest mistake ever but I was doing it for him otherwise I would have lost him and I didn't want that.

I can't sleep, eat and have lost the will to live.

Editor’s note:

Thanks for writing in…

It’s clear that your main concern at the moment is your relationship. It must be very hard for you not knowing why he has left you - you probably feel quite abandoned and confused.

There may be quite a mixture of feelings going on in him at the moment and all you can do is wait until he is ready to explain.

It sounds as if you really need some support at the moment and it would be good for you contact a centre and talk it through with someone so that you don’t feel so alone in it.

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