I found I was pregnant at around five weeks. I am a mother of two going through a divorce and this pregnancy was just not possible.

I found I was pregnant at around five weeks. I am a mother of two going through a divorce and this pregnancy was just not possible. I went to my GP who would not refer me because of religious beliefs. I took myself to a family planning clinic where they were a lot more understanding. I had a telephone consultation with a nurse at the Marie Stopes clinic who was very kind and was given a date for a surgical abortion nine days later. On the day of the abortion, I travelled the one and a half hours to the clinic but as there was reasonably heavy snow no one was there! The next appointment was not available for another week so I chose to have a medical abortion (pill) instead. This was arranged quite quickly: first pill on Thursday, second pills (four of which I had to keep under my tongue for half an hour) yesterday. Within three hours I was in pain very similar to labour pains which lasted for two hours. To those of you experiencing these pains or who are worried about them, I will tell you now that, yes, it is incredible pain but once it has passed you will forget it. Unfortunately for me it has been over 24 hours and no more pain and not a spot of blood, so it looks as though I may have to have a surgical abortion anyway and I am going to have to wait at least another week for that. Apparently this is very rare but I would advise anyone thinking about a termination to opt straight for the surgical option. Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m sure it will assist those trying to decide between medical and surgical termination in weighing up the pros and cons of each. It must be quite difficult for you, having made up your mind, to now have to wait for the procedure to be completed. If it's difficult, you might like to call the helpline to talk through your feelings about it.

This story was sent in on 12/02/2009

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It all started when I didn’t come on my period and my closest friend and I went down to get a pregnancy test.

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