I found out I was pregnant within weeks...I felt different and deep down I just knew I was.

By anonymous on 22/02/2009
I found out I was pregnant within weeks...I felt different and deep down I just knew I was. I was single, having just split up from a not very nice guy so for me there was no option. I went to the clinic after the agonising wait and decided on the medical abortion. Everyone at the clinic was so lovely, kind, helpful and majorly non-judgemental even though I wasn't telling my ex. The only issue was that I was so early gone, they had issues doing my scan to find anything which was stressful.

After booking my appointment I started looking up early medical abortion and then proper freaked out as there are a lot of horror stories online when it comes to both the physical pain and emotional pain. Anyway I had my medical abortion and it was unpleasant but no way near as painful as I has been led to believe. My one saviour was a hot water bottle. They had given me extra extra strength pain killers but I didn’t even use them as the nurse had told me save them for when it’s really painful. It wasn’t that bad so I was waiting until the pain got worse to take them and the pain didn’t get worse. The worst bit was feeling masses of liquid flushing out you - this happened three times for me in the space of 30 minutes, then it was all over. For me, I could never have had the surgical method. Whilst still not nice, this was the most natural way for me and I just want to let other people know it wasn't that painful. The last bad point is I bled for two weeks after the day I had the procedure but apart from that you feel straight back to normal. Don't be scared; the non surgical way is fine.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your experience with us…it will reassure some women who have decided to opt for a medical termination that it may not be as painful as some women describe. You say very little, however, about the emotional side which can affect women despite good reasons for having a termination. If you ever need any support, please do get in touch.

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