I had my abortion seven years ago this month.

I had my abortion seven years ago this month. It doesn’t define me but it’s always there in my head and my heart. It still hurts even after all this time. I was 18 and with my boyfriend for only two months when I found out. At first I thought we could keep the baby, and then reality set in. We had nothing to give, we were only just together, had no money, no home. I felt I had no where else to turn. To this day I have never told my family. My heart was broken and although I now have a family there is always a part of me that died that day. I still think maybe I could have managed. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, maybe I was just selfish. It’s too late now. I would just like to say to my angel that I’m sorry and I still think of you. You’re my star up in the sky and I’m just so sorry, so so sorry. You were always loved; I just couldn't see any other way. I hope you forgive me. xxxx Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing with us…It’s anniversary time for you and it’s quite natural for your thoughts to turn towards what happened, and for you to feel more keenly the pain of your loss, guilt, grief and sadness. Seven years going by has not healed you and you still carry a secret burden, don’t you? It really would help you to come from behind that wall of secret pain and find some healing. You can contact your nearest centre to find out about our post-abortion recovery programme called The Journey, which helps you understand and deal with the emotions you are feeling. We’ll be thinking of you.
This story was sent in on 11/05/2009

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