I read some horror stories on here so thought I would share mine.

By anonymous on 12/05/2009
I read some horror stories on here so thought I would share mine. I was on the pill so only realised I was pregnant when my period didn't show. I had only been with my boyfriend a couple of months; I am only 21 and doing a degree. I knew I wasn't ready so decided to have an abortion. I was only six weeks pregnant so we decided on an early medical abortion.

Part 1: Had a scan, a blood test and the first pill. This all went smoothly until I was sick a little over an hour after taking the pill so had to go back. We had to wait a couple of hours for another pill but eventually got it and went home. I did feel pretty sick. I have had pretty much constant nausea during the whole period I was pregnant so I don't know how much of this was my usual morning sickness and what was the pill. I just relaxed at home and ate dry toast for the next 24 hours.

Part 2: I was really nervous about this part. My boyfriend came with me and waited in the canteen. I went through, filled out some paperwork, the nurse checked my blood pressure and temperature and my blood test; everything was fine. Then I was asked to take my trousers and knickers off and lie on the bed. She inserted four pessaries, which wasn't too traumatic at all. I then had to lie down for an hour.

For the first fifteen minutes I didn't feel anything and then it started like bad period pain. Ten minutes later I was in a lot of pain. HOWEVER...this only lasted 30-40 minutes. When I was allowed to get up it seemed to ease off a great deal; back to being like bad period pain. My boyfriend and I then wandered round the hospital for the next few hours. I was wearing night pads and soaking through one each hour, but a few hours later it really eased off.

So basically I just wanted to share my reality of it. The pessaries did hurt but it did not last long and overall the experience was much more straightforward and easier than I was expecting. If you can have someone with you I definitely recommend it - they can be a real comfort. This was yesterday. Today I'm back to normal size pads and other than feeling tired it's just like a normal period.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…It sounds as if it was physically a very simple procedure for you, though painful at times. It is useful to see that women experience the process of medical abortion differently. It all made logical sense in terms of your circumstances to terminate your unplanned pregnancy. Many women feel relief immediately after an abortion because the pressure is off, but some go on, often at a later date, to realise at a deeper level the real meaning of what has happened and then need some support for how they feel. If you ever feel the need for some support, please do get in touch. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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