After taking the emergency contraceptive pill less than ten hours after having PROTECTED sex, I discovered I was pregnant two weeks later.

By anonymous on 08/07/2009
After taking the emergency contraceptive pill less than ten hours after having PROTECTED sex, I discovered I was pregnant two weeks later. I was absolutely gobsmacked to say the least. It tugged at my emotions severely as I am sure it would with anyone. I am 23, and single. My ‘partner’ was my ex and is engaged with a baby, not the best situation and one I totally regret. Just a stupid moment of madness on both our parts. Obviously he was all for me having a termination and threatened to actually kill himself if I didn't. Also he told me if the shoe was on the other foot, he would do this for me! A hole...

I am also in a very unique position. I am an international college athlete playing sport in the USA. I am from the UK so this is a very unique opportunity. I was stuck in two minds .. So I booked a termination anyway, thinking I would make a decision in the time I had before it. But the appointment came and I still hadn't made up my mind. So I backed out and decided to keep it. On the way home I realised this was not the best thing for me or baby, so I booked another appointment. I took the oral pill Thursday and had some mild cramping till my appointment today (Saturday). I also developed some sort of allergic reaction in the form of a rash but it was nothing major so was told not to worry about it.

I arrived and inserted the four tablets vaginally. I felt some discomfort right away, mild, however. I also had to insert a suppository anally which wasn't very nice. Then about an hour later the pain hit me bad. I threw up six times, and had co-codamol orally which came back up. Then I had two injections for pain and nausea. I had diarrhoea pretty much the whole day. I almost passed out a couple of times and sweat was pouring off me. Finally after about four hours of the worst constant pain of my life, it subsided. My bleeding was actually not that bad, which was kind of not a good thing as they expect you to pass everything in clots during the eight hour minimum stay in the ward. But that didn't happen with me so I am now booked in for a scan in two weeks and may have to have surgery. I wouldn't recommend this type of abortion just due to my experience with it. I am ok now, some mild discomfort, but earlier I just wanted to curl up and die. It was horrible.

Given what I know now, I would've opted for a surgical, even although there are more risks. My advice to anyone considering a termination is: get all the support from loved ones as you can (you WILL need it), make the decision and OWN it. Once you go through with a termination, it doesn't feel great obviously, but I am getting through because I know it was the right choice for ME. Good luck and health to everyone.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your experience…It’s very wise advice to say that everyone must make their decision and then own it. Even better would be to say that everyone should make an informed decision and then own it, mainly because many do not take the time or trouble to find out all the information about all the options when in a crisis. Understanding what’s involved in parenting, adoption and abortion with accurate and sensitive information can lead to healthy decision-making, rather than decisions based on fear, panic or pressure from someone else. Taking time to explore the emotional as well as the factual aspects of all the options, plus your own emotional situation in terms of your instinct, conscience and beliefs can be beneficial too.

How do you feel about your decision-making process? Did you have enough information about what was involved, including the emotional aspects? How did you feel about the kind of pressure being put on you by your ex? If you would like some support to process any emotional difficulties you may experience, please do get in touch with a support centre near you either in the USA or UK.

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