I had always said that I didn’t want children but was careless when using/not using contraception.

By anonymous on 17/09/2009
I had always said that I didn’t want children but was careless when using/not using contraception. The obvious happened. When I found out, I just cried. It was in my head that I didn’t want it. I guess a tiny part of me did. I pretty much cried constantly the whole weekend but when I spoke to the doctor and arranged an appointment with Marie Stopes, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I knew I was making the right choice.

I had the tablets which started working within 20 minutes. I had mild pain, like period pain. When I got home I felt sick and the pain was a whole lot worse. Overall, it was like having really bad period pains. That was two months ago and I can honestly say I don’t get upset. I don’t constantly think about it and I know that it was the right choice for me. I just wanted to share that because when I read the stories on here everyone seemed to have a constant regret and think they made the wrong choice which scared me. So I wanted others to know that if an abortion is the best thing for you, it won’t affect the rest of your life.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story…Relief after an abortion – or even before, as in your case – is quite a powerful feeling that can last. It’s often based on the resolution of difficult circumstances that pressurise a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. The stress of a difficult decision is one we all want to escape from!

Whilst you seem to have come through this experience quite well, I wonder what happened to that ‘tiny part’ of you that did want the pregnancy. It might be worth asking yourself that question – although it may feel risky – not to cause pain, but to uncover any deeper feelings that may be there and you’ve not yet given attention to. As always, we’re here to support you and help you through if you ever need any assistance in coming to terms with what you decided.

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