I have had a Early Medical Abortion, but I am really not sure if it has worked.

I have had a Early Medical Abortion, but I am really not sure if it has worked. I had the second treatment yesterday at 10am. I had some bleeding and some uncomfortable pain for about 3 hours. I was 4 weeks pregnant. I am concerned now that it has not worked properly, I sought advice from the clinic and they advised that it could happen up to 72 hours after and to call back Friday if nothing further happens. I have not passed any clots. This is exactly what I was afraid of happening and the worry has not gone away and still having to take time off work which exactly what I didn't want to do. I would really like some advice from another source. Editors comment:- This is a very worrying time for you and it sounds as though you feared something like this could happen. It is possible that the pregnancy has ended and you have not realised it. It is also possible that the procedure is not complete. I think you do need to go back to the clinic and get medical help. If you would like to speak to a pregnancy advisor please do phone the national helpline number 0300 4000 999 and someone will be able to advise you.
This story was sent in on 06/10/2009

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