I had a medical abortion when I was 6-week pregnant. I was not ready for a baby and went for the abortion option as soon as I learnt I was pregnant.

I had a medical abortion when I was 6-week pregnant. I was not ready for a baby and went for the abortion option as soon as I learnt I was pregnant. I read it in some spiritual contexts that the soul wouldn't enter the foetus before 3 months and I completely believe that. So, I was totally sure that I wasn't killing a baby or disturbing someone's journey because I felt in my heart that there was nobody there yet. Even though I didn't have any psychological dilemmas, it was still a hard experience, mostly because of the sickness I had felt all through the fifth week until the next day after the abortion. It is my third day after the abortion and I still have some cramps and bleeding, but the nurses said it is normal. The abortion wasn't as scary as I had read on the internet. The best thing is nobody does anything to your body. You place the pills into your vagina yourself. Then the bleeding and light cramps started after an hour and at one time I had very severe cramps, for 5 minutes or so, took painkillers and then I was sick. I am used to period pain, so I can't say it was an unbearable pain. After that, the foetus came out, about 3 hours after I used the pills. What I want to say is, it is not as bad as they tell you on the internet. Just be sure of what you want and think of it as if you are going there to get your period back. I don't mean to deny that what happened isn’t something major, it was one of the major things that happened to me in my life, but this attitude really helped me to deal with it better, and you also give strength to others around you, too. Good luck. Editor’s Comment:- Thank you for sharing your experience. I think abortion affects different people in different ways and the important thing is to be sure about your decision before you go ahead. If you feel uncertain or someone is pressurising you then it can leave you with a lot of regrets. If you or anyone reading this ever feels they need post abortion support then it is available through the national helpline 0300 4000 999.
This story was sent in on 11/10/2009

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This is a word of caution for anyone considering medical abortion...


I really was so unsure about what to do and although I know no one could have made the decision for me, I wanted someone to talk to, to discuss both options and get some advice.


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