Just a little over three months ago I had a medical abortion. This was not something I really wanted to do as I was completely against abortion.

By anonymous on 12/11/2009
Just a little over three months ago I had a medical abortion. This was not something I really wanted to do as I was completely against abortion. However, I found my ideas have changed a little, I still feel against abortion, especially when you have the means to provide for it. I had however just turned 19, and three years of university left me with little option. The father also will be an apprentice for the next 2 years. After taking the tablets on the second day, I was in intense pain. Around 30 mins after taking them, I began vomiting and the bleeding started along with intense pain. At one point I was crawling on the floor because I physically could not walk. For the rest of the day I was in a lot of pain and the only cure was codine and a hot water bottle. The bleeding was also incredibly heavy for the net two or three days, having to change pads every few hours.

I also had the contraceptive injection on the second day (I had to get it redone as I had been on it when I fell pregnant). After the recommended 3-5 weeks I was still bleeding, not too heavily but enough to be a problem. I went to the doctors to find I had a anerobic bacterial infection in my uterus, but after antibiotics the bleeding did not stop. After 3 months the injection is no longer in my system (this was one of the theories to why I had been bleeding) and the bleeding stopped for a week. Since then I have been bleeding for the last two weeks. This is really starting to get to me and effecting my relationship with my partner, especially on days where it is heavier as I get crippling cramps. I want to see my doctor but cannot because I don't live at home and some student doctors are less than sympathetic.

Editor's note:
Thanks for writing in. It sound like you have been through a lot over the last few months.. We are not a medical service and do not give a medical opinion, but your bleeding patterns do not sound normal at all. It is still possible you could have an infection which is causing the bleeding and pain. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible to rule this out, because if you do have an infection, there is potentially a risk both to your immediate and long term health. It may be that you need another course of antibiotics, but if you do, you need this as soon as possible - so please make an appointment to see a doctor as quickly as you can. You are likely to, and should get a very professional response.

Having an abortion, while previously having strong feelings against it, can bring up other deeper issues in the recovery period. If you feel you would like to speak to someone about anything that comes up now, or in the future, our trained advisors would be able to help you - either through the national helpline, online advisor, or via your local centre. Feel free to get in touch if you need to.

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