Although we were both happy about the pregnancy, we both felt it was the wrong time. We had a termination in January.

I have been with my partner now for 6 years, and I fell pregnant last Christmas. I had just been made redundant and was planning to open my own business. Although we were both happy about the pregnancy, we both felt it was the wrong time. We had a termination in January. My business has been a success and so far things are going really well but I feel so guilty. I feel that I should have tried harder to open the business and have the baby. A lot of my friends have babies, or are pregnant, and I cant bear to be around their children. It breaks my heart when I think of what I did! I get very upset when I see babies and pregnant women. Did I do the wrong thing? Editor's Comment:- You have been living with feelings of guilt and regret for quite a long time now, and this is very hard to come to terms with. Looking back it seems as though you are remembering your circumstances and realising that perhaps you could have coped with the pregnancy and your new business. I think we often make decisions based on how our circumstances seem at the present moment, but these change all the time and should not be the only basis for a decision. If your conscience is troubling you then you need to seek help from a trained advisor who can help you. It is too painful to keep trying to avoid your inner emotions. I would suggest you look at the website to see if there is post abortion support in your area.
This story was sent in on 11/11/2009

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