I found out I was pregnant nearly 3 weeks ago.

By anonymous on 27/01/2010
I found out I was pregnant nearly 3 weeks ago. I am 29 and had been seeing a married man who I work with for 9 years on and off. I was 4 weeks gone when I found out. I wanted the baby but he didn't and said he would never have anything to do with his child. I spent two weeks crying and wandering around in a daze. I was extremely confused and I really didn't want to regret my decision, or resent the man if I chose to have an abortion. I went to see three counsellors who were lovely but didn't help me to make a decision. In the end, I impulsively booked an appointment for an abortion and the next day, went to a clinic about an hour from me. I had been told by the lady with whom I made the appointment that I would be able to have one tablet when I arrived in the morning, and then return to the clinic 6 hours later to take the next 4 tablets. I arrived at 10am as instructed and spent 2 hours waiting to see the nurse, then the doctor, and then another nurse who was going to give me the first tablet. Just as I was about to take it, she told me I would have to return the next day to take the other 4. I explained that I could not do that and I came today to do it all in one day. She maintained that I had come too late to the clinic and would not be able to do it all in one day. The clinic had spent so long in getting me through to see the relevant people, that I didn't have time to leave the required 6 hours inbetween. By this time, I was an emotional wreck and walked out refusing to go through with it. However, after another night of not sleeping or eating, and spending all my time thinking, I returned to the clinic the following afternoon for the first tablet. I felt fine after taking it and drove home. That night,I read horror stories on the internet of experiencing agonising pain following the 4 tablets (which I was due to take the next day). I didn't sleep because I was too scared of the pain and knowing I HAD to go through that as I had already taken the first tablet. My friend and I drove to the clinic the next day and my pulse was racing as the nurse inserted the tablets. She gave me two codeine to help with the pain, then I was free to go. She advised me to take my usual painkillers (paracetamol) but I had heard this would do nothing for the pain as it would be too intense. Please read on... In the car after about an hour, I began to feel cramps and expected them to get worse, much worse, until the 6 hours were over. I felt NO PAIN at all. There was pressure in my stomach but nothing I would describe as agony or even pain to be honest. I didn't vomit or faint. There was a little bleeding but I felt fine. I took paracetamol and ibrufen just in case but there really was no need. I only had it done yesterday but I felt compelled to write on the internet as I want women to know that not all women experience agony. I am bleeding more today but still no pain. Maybe I was just lucky as I certainly don't consider myself as having a high pain threshold! Due to the perceived pain, I was going to opt for surgery, but would have to wait 3 more weeks and felt I couldn't do that as I would be so emotional. I am glad I opted for early medical and at the moment do not regret my decision even though I wanted this baby more than the man did. Please don't assume every woman is in agony after the 4 tablets because honestly I wasn't at all. It was slightly uncomfortable but nothing that even comes close to unbearable.

Editor's Comment:-

Thank you for sharing your experience. The practice of clinics doing the whole process in one day is a more recent development and many clinics and hospitals still have between 24 and 48 hours between the first and second stage. It must have been very upsetting to find out that they had left it too late to complete on the same day. As you say every person is different and will go through the procedure with varied feelings both physical and emotional. Having said that, there have been a large number of women writing in with a history of quite intense pain. I do think you should go for a check-up to make sure that the procedure is complete, because women who are sent home are not always sure that they have completely passed the pregnancy.

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