I got the surgical abortion under local anaesthetic

I just had my first abortion today. I had the option of taking the pill, but I heard about the side effects and how sick you get and I was not game. I got the surgical local anaesthetic abortion and I felt absolutely NO PAIN and I do not feel no pain now! I was just sleepy. I am bleeding a bit now but no cramps, no nothing! I didnt remember a thing and I was awake! I am not upset about my decision and I think I done the right thing and I am proud of my self.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience which is not such a common procedure as the medical abortion and surgical under general anaesthetic. I know that everyone reacts differently and it's good that you didn't get much pain. If you need support after an abortion you can ring the national helpline 0300 4000 999, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

This story was sent in on 01/03/2010

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