An abortion 2 years ago

By anonymous on 14/03/2010
This is my second posting, nearly two years later. I had an abortion almost two years ago because I had three children already and my youngest was four months. I just wanted to say that I have managed to leave that sad and lonely place of guilt, I can now say abortion without crying, I can listen to the song I picked for my baby without crying. Would I have done things diferrently if given the chance again? That is a question I don`t try and answer anymore.

Time heals

I just want everyone to know that time heals. Abortion is not something anyone puts themselves through without thinking, it is a horrible process and I speak for myself when I say that if I truly did not want it to happen then I would not have let it. I wrote a letter to my baby and put all my feelings in it and as bizarre as it sounds it really helped because I got to say I love you, I`m sorry and goodbye. I would recommend it. I really hope some of you find comfort in reading my story, keep your chin up because time really does heal!xxxx

Editor's Comment

Thank you for the update. I am so glad you feel you have moved on from your abortion experience.
I wonder if you had some post-abortion support or whether you work through this by yourself? All the best for the future.

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