I couldn't find myself on the family tree

By anonymous on 28/07/2010
Heya my name's D and I'm fourteen. I'm writing this to all of those who have been adopted.
I never knew I was adopted. I've got blonde hair and blue eyes just like my Dad and my grandma always points out similarities between the two of us. Til one day me and my bestfriend were goffing around on the computer typing in our names into family tree thingys. And I couldn't find myself.
At first I thought it was a mistake and laughed it off with my mates. When, honestly, I was terrified that I really wasn't part of the family I loved so much.
Two weeks later I plucked up the courage to talk to my older brother, who admitted that it was possible. I was devastated. I was searching through all the family albums and cried my eyes out because there was no pregnancy pictures of my mom pregnant with me.
When I asked my grandma, my mom passed away two years ago, she cried buckets.

My family love me

At first I was SO angry at them, devastated that they could keep such a big secret from me. I felt like I wasn't part of my family anymore and I just wanted to die. I got involved with a horrible group of people and started drinking, heavily. UNtil my Grandma sat me down and explained that just because I was adopted didn't mean they loved me any less. I also got to talk to my uncle, who's adopted too, and he really helped me get back on my feet. So no matter what you hear the stories of adoption aren't true my family love me and I plan to meet my biological family in a few years. Good Luck xxxxxxxxx

Editor's Comment

This is quite an unusual situation as adoptive families are always encouraged to tell children they are adopted from a very early age. But your family chose you and wanted you as part of them and thats really important. Although it must have been a shock to find out the way you did, I am glad you're Grandma was there to tell you how important you are to them. Hope you get on alright meeting your biological family.

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