A woman who is 8 weeks pregnant considering adoption.

I am not going to write about what I have already done. I am searching for some advice on what I should do.
I am a 19 year old Mongolian who is now 8 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately me and the "father" of my child had already put an end to our relationship before I found out that I was pregnant.

He does not want this child, neither do I.

But I terribly don't wanna have an abortion. I don't want to "kill" my baby.
The reason that I can't give birth to this baby is that I live with my mom-she's gotten quite old-and I am her only reason for living.
If she ever finds out that the daughter she has trusted soo much has made such a stupid mistake in her life.., I know she can't bear it.
In fact, my mom is also the reason I live. I only live to see my mom happy someday. So the solution I came up with after a very long consideration is adopting the baby to somebody who can really love and raise my baby up just like their own, and who would pay for my living expenses away from home, where nobody knows me until I give birth to my baby.
I would prefer to spend some time with that family for a while before the birth just to get the idea if I can trust those people and give my baby to them. And after birth, I can promise that I will not try to keep my baby after birth and that family can raise him/her up just like their own. This is the most preferable solution I so far came up with.
It might sound inappropriate or simply stupid.., but I think there are families wanting to get a baby but are not able to whereas I have one here which I am sure is not destined to die so fast.

I am already feeling so much love for this baby.

I don't know if I can get a feedback on this story or if my idea sounds reasonable, but if these are possible can somebody please advise me on this. I haven't told about this to anyone I know, so I'm open for any advise that would help me.

Editor's Comment

We don't very often talk about the adoption option in our society which is sad as it can be a very positive option for a birth mother who cannot raise her child, but does not feel comfortable with abortion. The best place to start would be to contact the British Association of Adoption and Fostering. They have a website www.baaf.org.uk. The other centres that have expertise in adoption are The Beresford Centre at Newport, and Cedar oaks at Gosport, and you can find details of both those centres on our website.

This story was sent in on 14/06/2011

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