I placed my son at birth through a private adoption.

At age 16 I became pregnant. I was in such denial about all the signs of pregnancy that I didn't confirm it until I was 5 months pregnant. I had immediate support who suggested adoption. I am so grateful for these friends. I placed my son at birth through a private adoption. I graduated High School and college. I got married at 31. I am now pregnant for the first time since then and feel the time is right. This pregnancy was planned. Although I think about my son often and what his life has been / will be like, I don't regret the decision I made. I gave the greatest gift of all to a family who had love to give. I also feel that my decision gave me the ability to fulfil certain goals in my life that may not have been attained had I been a teen and single parent. To anyone faced with this decision, adoption is a very difficult choice that you must live with forever. However, choosing the best for your child makes you the best kind of parent. Editors note: Thank you for writing to us. Yes, adoption is a very difficult choice to make, but you are right that choosing the best for your child makes you the best kind of parent. You have shown your love for your child by releasing him for adoption to a family who were longing for a child, so it is a true love story for him – and one of self sacrifice as you placed your baby’s needs above your own. Well done, and we wish you the very best with this pregnancy and your future. If you feel a need to talk through any past feelings which arise as your pregnancy progresses, you would be very welcome to contact your local pregnancy centre listed on the web portal, who would be very happy to support you.

This story was sent in on 16/07/2007

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