After a trouble free pregnancy, my daughter was born 6 months ago.

After a trouble free pregnancy, my daughter was born 6 months ago. The following day my husband and I were told that she had Downs Syndrome. We knew pretty much straight away that we could not cope with bringing her up. We placed her for adoption and she has since been with foster parents who are amazing. Social services are working hard to find a family for her. They have a potential match who sound lovely and we will get to meet them shortly. We have been seeing our daughter very frequently and taking her out often. She is adorable and we love her so much. However, we are very aware of our own capabilities and we know we are not the right people for her. Our hearts have been broken but, 6 months on, the shock is wearing off. We are coming to terms with it a little bit now, although there is a long road ahead.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in and sharing your story…it has not been an easy choice for you but you seem very clear about why this was the best choice for you. I do hope you have the support you need but if you don’t, you can visit your nearest centre and talk through the emotions involved at any time.

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