Debby's Adoption Story

By anonymous on 14/06/2006
"I was myself adopted as a baby, and 27 years later I gave a baby for adoption. I was divorced, bringing up two small children single-handed, when I accidentally became pregnant by a man who pretended to be sterile. This was a casual affair, almost a one-night stand; there was no relationship. Abortion was never an option because luckily I knew about the development of babies in the womb and, besides, my first mother had carried me to term. It seemed unfair not to do as much for my unborn child.

I told my children that I was going to give the baby to a couple who were very sad because they could not 'grow their own' and that allowing someone else to bring up this one would mean I would be better able to look after them. The adoption society allowed me to meet my child's new parents at the hand-over. It was a fantastic occasion, very positive, and I came away secure in the knowledge that he was already greatly loved. 3 months later, I received a photo of him via the adoption society. He was smiling - happy and content.

I recommend anyone who is pregnant with a child they don't want to think seriously about adoption. You can always change your mind if you like after the birth but, if you don't, you will have made a childless couple very happy, given your child a good chance in life and freed yourself from a lifetime of parenthood that you never asked for. Truly a 'win-win' solution".


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