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By anonymous on 31/01/2007
I was 16 with my 26 year old boyfriend when I found out I was 9 weeks pregnant. We'd been together 2 years and he was over the moon as it was his first child. Then his ex of 6 years came back on the scene and he just ditched me like that. Two weeks later she decided she didn’t want him anymore and went back to university.

At first he stayed single and just came back to me for sex. It wasn’t long before my friends could see he was emotionally and mentally abusing me. He soon after got with his new girlfriend but still continued to come back to me for sex and me still being madly in love with him, let him. I began to get depressed and started to think about having an abortion.

When he heard about this, he came back to me telling me he loved me and wanted to try again. He was lying. He stayed with me till I reached 14 weeks (past an abortion date) and left me for good. He still tries to worm his way back in but I try to stand my ground. I have made arrangements for an adoption at birth. I’m due in just 2 weeks time and even though I have grown attached, I know it is the best thing for my baby.

He hates me more now than ever and still tries to stop me but I have to move forward and I can't do that with his child. I’m 17 and have the rest of my life to have children and hopefully with a better man. To anyone that is finding themselves in a similar situation, just remember it’s your life as well and don't let anyone bully you any way, shape, size or form. It’s your choice - a choice you will live with for life.

Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing your story. You have made a very brave decision – one that you have made in the best interests of both you and your baby; one that will give both of you a hopeful future. It won’t be easy. Adoption is a sacrifice the mother makes for the sake of her child’s wellbeing and we commend you for having the courage to take that step and make an adoption plan for your baby. Now you can plan for your own future, knowing that your baby will have all he or she needs in a loving family.

We hope you are getting support from someone who understands the emotions involved in being a birth mother and who can help you come through this healthily. It sounds as if you might need some support in resolving how you feel about your relationship with your ex-boyfriend too. Someone from your nearest centre may be able to provide this if you wish. Thank you for writing in – your story will encourage others that adoption is an option worth considering. Our thoughts are with you as you approach the birth of your baby - and afterwards too.

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