Part 2: I previously wrote in my story regarding my adoption 18 years ago

I previously wrote in my story regarding my adoption 18 years ago when I was 3 weeks old. Things developed and the adoption agency got in contact with me after a few weeks on the waiting list. They rang me yesterday and booked my appointment for the middle of April. I'm so nervous, I already have a lot of information about my birth family but I am nervous in the anticipation of what else my files will hold. Will it have an address of where my mother was living when I was put up for adoption? I can only wait. My long term partner left me. He didn't love me anymore. Rejection seems to be a common occurrence in my case. Shame really. I wonder if this can only lead to more rejection. Only time will tell. I hope things can sort themselves out because I have had to move out of my flat because of problems with who I live with and I am starting to wonder when things are going to get better. Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in again. It’s quite natural for you to be apprehensive about what you might discover. The possibility of discovering more rejection is a scary thought for you, isn’t it? In my last note to you, I suggested that you found some support. I still think you need that. You could phone the Asist (Adoption Support in Society Today) helpline - 01823 253026 - and talk to someone who understands all the issues involved in adoption. You are on a journey and probably need some support in walking it. Thank you for sharing your experience. Let us know how your story unfolds...

This story was sent in on 09/03/2007

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