A baby loss at 27 weeks

By anonymous on 18/01/2014
I found out I was pregnant when I was four weeks. You can say at first I was scared. Adoption was my first plan and I was very serious about it. Me and my boyfriend had been together for about 7 months before I got pregnant. The month I find out he cheats on me. It was prob the worst experience in my life.I was now carrying his child and he didn't care.

Well I ended up leaving 12 weeks pregnant to a another state. 900 miles away. As the days and weeks go by I start to feel the baby I start to wonder what he or she would look like, their personality. I begin to fall madly in love with the human growing inside me.

I go to my 19 week check up just to see how things were and they said they know the sex. I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life. It was a little boy. I knew then I was keeping this child, that this little boy was gonna change my whole world.
I begin to buy things and friends and family began to get excited. I was due jan 8th. I was very happy and doing everything the way I was suppose to.

Well one day 26 weeks pregnant I have this pain and I thought it was busy from working. It wasn't too bad and it didn't last that long. I didn't even bleed.

A week later I go in for a check up, at 27 weeks to find no heart beat.

Something had happened, I couldn't grasp there was no heart beat. Next thing I know they're telling me I have to go through with the delivery process and I began to push. I was 27 weeks pregnant delivery a baby with no heartbeat. I was so confused. I remember them asking me if I wanted to hold my sweet baby but to realize he was not alive. I remember counting his fingers and toes and looking at his little ears and nose. He looked like his daddy.
I haven't ever talked about it until now. Of course there's alot I didn't say but there's a lot I don't remember. I had lost my kameryn Charles and it was so unreal. I never thought after
27 weeks you could just lose a baby.

Editor's Comment

That is very sad and more unusual to lose a baby as late as this. I'm really sorry for your loss and think it would help you to have some counselling to talk through all your thoughts and feelings.

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