I was 15, and I was 5 weeks pregnant.

By anonymous on 28/02/2014
I was 15, and I was 5 weeks pregnant. I lost my baby on the 9/1/14, it felt as if someone had ripped out my inside, I couldn't walk for about a week and my ribs felt as if they was going to pop out of my body.
I think about my baby everyday so anything remind me of my little one but I guess that's life. I just think now, 'what would I have been doing?' 'what would I be thinking, but I will never know:(
Me and boyfriend have been together for 9 months now, it was so so hard to get over but we have got stronger together and got through this together, without it I think I would still be scared to face anything. We are going to try again one day but I'm terrified it will happen again. I hope this story help someone out there,it's not easy I understand that but there are people out there like me and my boyfriend that understand your pain.

Editor's Comment

Losing a baby is very painful, and it takes time to get over the grief and loss you feel. Thank you for sharing your experience, and please contact CareConfidential if you would like some support http://www.careconfidential.com/Onlineadvisor.aspx

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