Can we go for adoption?

I am 36 year old lady . From last 6 years I am trying for baby but we fail, so can you give us some suggestions about whether we can go for adoption or what else. I want clear one thing, once I got pregnant but after 6 and half month doctor said baby died.

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I am sorry that you lost your baby, and have not been able to conceive again. It is possible to adopt although it may not be a baby adoption as these are less available. You will need to contact social services who will prepare you to be approved for adoption by an adoption panel. Once you are approved, you then wait for a suitable baby/child to be matched to you.
The alternative would be to ask your doctor to refer you for fertility treatment. If you would like some more help or support please contact CareConfidential. You can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, or log onto Online advisor.

This story was sent in on 21/06/2014

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