My family doctor advised me to abort the pregnancy due to a bilateral cleft lip

By anonymous on 02/10/2015
medical abortion abortion at 23 weeks

Hi all. After 2 years of marriage, struggling for pregnancy, I was losing hope that I could be pregnant...

It was normal for my period to be 5 to 8 days past due. In the month of November, my period was due on the 13th and later, after the 23rd, I took a pregnancy test and was surprised that it got 2 pink lines... my God, it felt like heaven on earth.

The pregnancy continued in a healthy way and I took ultrasound at 3 months and everything was normal.

One day in the 22nd week of my pregnancy, I dreamt of my baby having 2 bilateral cleft lip and somebody saying in the dream to abort the child... suddenly I woke up and all day I was upset. Next, I had an appointment with the doctor for 2nd ultrasound & I found my baby did have a bilateral cleft lip. I took several tests but there was no change.

I had to make up my mind and again I visited my family doctor. I took help of her & she took all scan and she told me to abort.

I was not at all in agreement but she insisted telling me the baby had a serious defect and it could harm the brain also... after birth survival is very doubtful... I took the decision to abort...

With some medicine I gave delivery at 23 weeks... everyone saw my angel except me.

My family buried my baby... I don't know whether I have done the right or wrong thing but I miss my baby movement in my belly... & again I am trying to conceive still nothing is happening...

Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I feel I could have not listened to the doctor... I don't know what I did... my angel... I miss her a lot.

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  1. Bilateral cleft lip

    A cleft lip/palate is where parts of the baby's face don't form well during development in the womb leaving a gap in the upper lip and/or roof of the mouth (the palate). A cleft can affect one side of the mouth (unilateral) or both sides of the mouth (bilateral).

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