She made me walk to the ER. He said I need to lose it.

By Addys mom on 27/07/2015

I was 18 years old. I got pregnant Christmas Eve. The next day I was bleeding. So I didn't think I concieved at all. I had a period. Then January came and went.. period again.

February I started to get sick. I suspected I was pregnant. But I got a period again. March I felt movement. I knew I was pregnant. Everything seem fine at first.

My Fiance ūüíć cheated on me, I was devastated and tried to carry on with my baby. I had a feeling it was a girl. I picked out Addison Allyanna as her name.

In April I started dating an old friend. He fed me the "I'll be there, I'll take care of you" story... but in May I was having cramps. My mom told me not to be upset if she dies. Because it runs in the family, at least one miscarriage. I took a test and it was positive, I just needed to be sure, my levels were fine.

Next week I wake up, his dog hits my stomach twice. I feel wrong... I go upstairs to pee. There's so much blood. I take a shower praying Addison is ok

I go down stairs saying I'm bleeding. He says its just like me to choose to have a miscarriage during his show. His mom sits there saying there's nothing they can do. I said, um, you can be there for me? She makes me walk to the ER. He says I need to lose it. His money belongs to cigarettes, not a baby that isn't his. He says I'm not ready.. I said he may not be, but I am!

I check in, after ultrasound, blood test, urine test, scans... she's gone. I heard one heartbeat. I was given miscarriage papers. My baby was gone. I wasn't even allowed to have my mom there. He wouldn't let me.

When I got home I was told they were getting food, but they went to my mom saying I faked the pregnancy.

My mom believed me. Told them off & I moved out.

I now am 21. Married with two boys, 2 & 9 months. Every year I have a ceremony for her. R.I.P. baby.

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