My partner said 'get rid of it.'

By anonymous on 24/05/2010
I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have just had a baby 4 month ago. After my son was born me and my partner split up. When I told him I was pregnant the 1st thing he said was 'I didn't want it, get rid of it.' I am booked in for my abortion in 2 weeks. Deep down I don't want to do it but if I do |I know I will lose my family. It's so unfair. I am only 21 but I just want a family.

Editor's Comment

It is really important that you don't make this decision because your boyfriend 'has said get rid of it.' It's a really difficult time for you because you have just had a baby and you probably feel very vulnerable and in need of support. if you decide to go ahead with abortion it must be because that's what you want and you know it's the right decision for you.
If as you say you really don't want to have the abortion you should think very carefully about your decision because it is you who will suffer if you go against your gut feelings. if your boyfriend does not stay with you you may feel you have done this for him and then he has left you anyway.
There is no guarantee that doing what he asks will make him stay with you. if you would like to talk this through with a trained advisor please ring our national helpline 0300 4000 999 or you could find a centre for crisis pregnancy support in your area.

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