A first year university student and four weeks pregnant

I have just found out I am four weeks pregnant and I am only eight weeks into my undergraduate year at university.
For this reason, among others, I feel that abortion is the right option for me and my partner. We have only been together seven months and neither of us feel this is the right time for a child. Even though I feel very, very sad about what I am going to do, I know deep down it's the right choice.

Editor's Comment

It is really difficult when you have just started a university course to find out that you are pregnant. I'm sure you have been thinking through your decision, but it might be worth going to a pregnancy support centre to get all the information, talk it through and be sure about your decision. There are 3 options; having an abortion, thinking about an adoption plan, and parenting.Each of these options have gains and losses, and are worth thinking through carefully so that if you choose abortion you will feel that you have made an informed choice. find a centre for pregnancy choices support in your area.

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