I'm 21 and recently found out I'm pregnant around 4/5 weeks

By anonymous on 20/06/2012
Hi there,
I'm 21 and recently found out I'm pregnant around 4/5 weeks as I tested after missed period, I have a long term partner of almost 4 years however we are not living together.

This is now the 3rd time I have been pregnant on the contraceptive pill and I cannot go through with another termination, it was only last year.

I feel so ashamed.

I have not told my partner yet as I am worried for his reaction.
I only work part time (20 hours) and am studying and my partner works full time only taking home about £1000 a month at the moment.

I have been looking for private rented properties etc but don't know what help is available, I do want this baby and I have made up my mind. I just can't tell him at all which is silly I guess I know that I need to tell him soon.

Just really need some advice on what help's available and everything else from someone non judgmental.

IF you could email me back asap I would be very grateful.

:) please try not to judge me :(

Editor's Comment

I'm really sorry that I can't email you back as this is a 'no reply' site so I don't actually get your email address. I would say that your contraceptive failure is not your fault, it is just a fact of life that contraception is never 100% effective, even sterilisation! You have been unlucky to have this happen 3 times, but your partner is just as much responsible as you are. If you have a sexual relationship there is always a chance of pregnancy. If you call the national helpline, we can get you in touch with a local pregnancy choices centre where they will be able to give you information about the help and support available. The number is 0300 4000 999.

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