A 38 year old woman with a difficult decision.

I'm a 38 yr old single mother of 3(21,19,16). I was dating this guy, but a short period of time after he decided to walk away, I found out I was 6 wks pregnant with twins.
We discussed it and he stated that abortion shouldn't be an option, but he was in the process of relocating in another state for work, and that at this time he couldn't afford twins.
He asked what was I going to do... I said adoption. After thinking and crying about this decision I was thinking abortion I don't know!!! I'm just tired of crying and thinking. How do I get him to help do some decision making? I don't want to feel alone doing this.Help I'm an emotional mess =(

Editor's Comment

Yes it is tough to be told abortion shouldn't be an option, and then left to work it out. I wonder how you feel about abortion? Is it something you feel comfortable with, or does it feel like it goes against your values and beliefs? If you would like some support as you make your decision please contact Online advisorfor unplanned pregnancy support.

This story was sent in on 01/12/2012

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