An unplanned pregnancy at 47

By anonymous on 27/11/2012
I am 47 soon to be 48 and I have found out that I am pregnant.
I have other children already and they are all at school. This was not a planned event and it has happened at a point in my life when I have really been feeling that life has been moving on and the kids are getting independent.

I don't want a baby, I can't bear the idea of being pregnant again

I am really worried that if we go ahead with the baby that I will resent it.
I am worried about my age and the possibilities of abnormalities. I am 7 weeks and we know there is a heart beat. I am praying for a miscarriage and feel so guilty.
I have recently been through a period of depression and had only just come out of that. I want to terminate the pregnancy, but I am terrified as to what that will be like and how I will feel afterwards. I know no one can give me answer, only I can make the choice. However I would like to tell other woman my age , don't assume that you can't get pregnant at 47.

Editor's Comment

Unfortunately although ovulation can be much more erratic in your 40's it does still happen so there is always the chance of pregnancy. You are facing a difficult decision and although no one can give you the answer, trained advisors can help you to look at all the information and explore this with you. It sounds as though everything in your head is telling you to end the pregnancy, but your heart is hesitating to follow perhaps because of feelings of guilt and fear it could knock you back into depression. I would encourage you to have a counselling session to get yours thoughts and feelings out in the open. for unplanned pregnancy support.

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