I fell pregnant while I was still at school.

I'm now 15 years old and I met my boyfriend when I was 13. We were in the same school but his parents did not like me at all although we dated for 2 years. Then I fell pregnant but his parents said it was not his child and sent him away for seven months he was 17 at the time and agreed to go to New York.
We never saw each other till one day he phoned me and he and his parents wanted a blood test to see if it was his baby. The test came out positive and he moved back and we were a happy family till he moved to his parents.
I still go and visit him often but things don't feel right.
So if I can give any teenager advice please finish school before making plans to have a baby.

Editor's Comment

You have been through a difficult time at a young age, and you must have found it hard when your boyfriend left during your pregnancy. You are very reliant on your parents for help and support when you are 15 and still at school, so this is likely to make it hard for you to feel like a family. I hope you are able to finish school and that things work out for you.

This story was sent in on 07/02/2014

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