I am 5 weeks gone

Hi I'm 27 and have 5 children. I've been with my new partner for only 4 months but we have known each other for over a year and have found out I am 5 weeks gone.
I'm really not sure what to do, I know I'm worried what my mother will think, and his mother has said if I ever fell with his baby she would see it as I've trapped him. He wants to keep this baby but I am worried as I am still married to my ex husband, and he has a child from his 1st partner. I do love him dearly but is it too soon to have a baby as I am losing sleep over this, advice is so needed please.

Editor's Comment

Your life is now with your new partner so the first thing I would suggest is to filter out what other people think and feel. Although you can be affected by the two mothers' opinions they should not influence your decision. Equally your ex husband's child is not an issue in the decision even if you used to be involved with them. The important thing is how committed you both are in this new relationship, and what you want as a couple. Ask yourselves whether parenting, or abortion, would be positive or negative in your relationship, and how each option would affect you both. If your new partner wants to keep the baby, how would he respond if you choose to terminate the pregnancy? If you would like to talk to a pregnancy advisor, please call the national helpline or log into the confidential online counselling service. http://www.careconfidential.com/Onlineadvisor.aspx

This story was sent in on 27/02/2014

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