I'm going to be laid off in June and am 14 weeks pregnant

By anonymous on 26/03/2014
Like so many other women, I had everything going for me until my ex waltzed back into my world last December. We had been together since I was 17, I am now 28. I broke up with him two major times and he finished the rest. I had a great career, now told I'm going to be laid off in June and am 14 weeks pregnant.
I found out at 7 weeks and was devastated because we had been broken up since last May. Yet, my morning after pill and stupidity allowed him back in my life only to literally screw me over one final time. I have always been a Christian and rededicated myself on NYE, but then this sin caught up with me.
As of now, he wants to co-parent because I protested about the sinful act that landed me the unfortunate title of 'unwed mother and baby' mother.
I have a great future, always did the right thing, but everyday since I found out I hated my life. Even more, I hate him now since he is telling me I'm boring no fun and he will be with other women since I refuse to satisfy him sexually inspite of my spiritual warnings.
I know I wasted a decade on this clown, and the only reason he is slightly successful today is because of me. He told his whole family and "wanted" this, but he keeps going back and forth and mistreating me. I never asked for this. I never wanted kids and now I'm stuck with this jerk forever or should I risk getting a D&E just to never ever deal with him?
I have sought many counselors who are pro life, but I simply want to kill his dreams just like he is killing mine. I don't see him being saved and it's my fault for being unequally yoked and now a poor baby has to suffer. The baby is always so happy and literally waving on all ultrasound images. I know I'm a bad mother for this but I hate the father.

Editor's Comment

I can see that you long to draw a line under this relationship and move on with your life, but you can't rub this out as if you were putting right a mistake. It may be very difficult for you with your beliefs to choose abortion, and it would be good for you to think through how you would feel longterm living with a decision to abort. It might help to separate your relationship with your ex from your pregnancy, so you are not pressurised by this ex relationship into making a decision you are not comfortable with. Please log into Online advisor, or call the helpline 0300 4000 999 if you would like some more support as you make this difficult decision.

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