I'm 15 and pregnant.

By anonymous on 15/04/2014
I'm 15 and pregnant. My boyfriend is 22 and we've been together now for 3 months and we both love each other. I'm 1 month pregnant and want to keep the baby. My mom has meet my bf and likes him and he's a good guy the only problem is we lied and told her he was 19. Also I lied to my bf the time we actually had unprotected sex I told him I was turning 17 next month, which was a lie I was only 15 and just told him my real age 2 weeks ago. He was really mad at me but he said he was already in love so we just forgot it.
To make it worse he already told his family and friends I was 17 since he thought I was going to be next month anyways. It's just a mess and I don't want my bf to get in trouble with the law and he says I can't put his name on the birth certificate because he might go to jail and he's sad he can't be at hospital with me. I feel bad because I did lie to him and then we both lied to our families and my mom said if I ever get pregnant she will kick me out.

Editor's Comment

It is illegal to have a sexual relationship under 16, and particularly if one of you is 7 years older. However, if it is clear that you consented and lied about your age this would be considered. I think it would be better to get some more advice rather than keeping the situation secret, as this can appear more suspicious.

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