A birth at 28 weeks.

By anonymous on 21/05/2014
I am on the depo injection and on my period.Then One Night I lost a lot of blood and I said to my sister that it doesn't seem normal to lose this much blood !? She said no and suggested that I do a pregnancy test so I did a test and it was positive. I was in shock because then I knew there was something wrong because of the blood.
I went to the doctor's and he sent me for a scan the same day and the scan confirmed I was 12-14 weeks along but then they told me to go back the next day for another scan and that confirmed I was 28 weeks.
They sent me home and said if I got any pains I should go straight back in. That Night in bed I started getting contractions and I phoned my dad.
He rushed me to hospital and I gave birth in the maternity assessment unit. They all looked at me in shock and called for the crash Team a few minutes later about 10 nurses and doctors came running in the room and wrapped my baby in cling film put him in an incubator and ran off with him, he was tiny, Blue and floppy he wasn't breathing and had no heartbeat.
They rushed him off to the neonatal unit, and I never heard anything for hours. Later I was taken into theatre to get the placenta manually removed. When I woke up one of the doctors came to see me with a picture of my baby, I had a little Boy 2Ib 9oz. I couldn't believe it, I was still in shock finding out I was pregnant it all happened so fast. He was on the neonatal unit for 5 months he has had 2 operations already. He is due to have another one in 6 weeks time, he has chronic lung disease, left vocal cord palsy, he is on oxygen and tube fed at home, he has been out for 2 months now. The staff at the hospital are amazing my little boy wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them.

Editor's Comment

I can understand why you were in shock having only just found out you were pregnant. You are having a challenging time with your baby's medical issues but clearly ready to face these to support your little boy.

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